Best Pure Honey Brands in India

List of 10 Best Pure Honey Brands in India You Must Try

admin - February 13, 2023

Let us see the Top 10 Best Made In India Honey Brands.

Hitkari Honey

Hitkari honey is one of the brands of honey that people in India trust the most. In 2010, it was proven that Hitkari honey makers do not add antibiotics to their honey and that their honey is real.

Why Do You Want This?

This product is 100% pure and has passed all 22 of the FSSAI’s tests. Honey has antibacterial and antioxidant properties that help your immune system fight off diseases.

The Merlion Naturals

Raw honey tastes the best. This organic honey can be told apart by the badge that says “USDA Organic” on the label. The honey from Merlion Naturals has not been heated, processed, or pasteurised. After a simple filtration through a mesh or nylon cloth, it is taken out of the combs and put into packages. On the Merlion Naturals website, you can find out how to buy it. It is the Best Pure and Raw Honey Brands in India.

Bonphool Honey from Mangroves

Are you looking for a new brand that sells honey in its purest form? It is made with important ingredients and fragrant flowers like Khalisha, Bani, and Garan to improve the texture of your skin. The main reason to choose this product is that all of its ingredients are natural, and no sugar, chemicals, or preservatives have been added. Sundarbans honey has healing properties that make it less likely that you will get cancer, asthma, or heart disease.

Why Do You Want This?

It has antiseptic properties and small amounts of nutrients that help the immune system.

Made with flowers that smell good to improve the taste.

Online shopping is very cheap.

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Honey and Spice

The floral ingredients in Honey and Spice’s honey make it pure and sweet. In Kashmir, the nectar from the flowers is used to make this honey.

It has a lot of vitamins, minerals, and anti-aging properties that can help people who want to lose weight and work out.

Why Do You Want This?

FSSAI-certified organic honey is cheap and easy to buy online.

Full of carbs and proteins

Simple to store and useful for cooking

The Organic Raw Honey from the Indian Beekeepers

The Indian Beekeepers is your one-stop shop for raw honey, which is well-known for its health benefits and the many ways it can be used in cooking.

Raw honey from the hive has no added preservatives, and all of the products are made without hurting animals.

Why Do You Want This?

Available in multiple quantities – 150, 200, 275, 300, 325, 365 grammes

Can be used to add flavour to crunchy foods.

Eiwa Honey

You can always count on Eiwa Honey to be of good quality and good value. With years of experience in the business, Eiwa has learned how to get honey from the hive in a fair and environmentally friendly way.

Eiwa only uses organic ways to get honey out of beehives. This means they don’t use any harmful chemicals or pesticides in the process.

Their promise to always sell 100% pure and high-quality products makes them a great choice for people who care about their health and well-being.

Why Do You Want This?

  • They use the most modern ways to collect and process honey to make sure it is of the best quality.
  • Importantly, they use a method of processing that doesn’t hurt animals.
  • It is natural and does not have any added flavours or colours.
  • This honey is perfect for people who want to enjoy the natural sweetness of honey without any added sugars or flavours. It has a light floral taste.

The Mango Tree (UTMT)

One of the best honey brands on the market is Under The Mango Tree, which is known for its 100% pure and organic honey.

The honey from UTMT comes from the Kedar mountains and has been put through an advanced test called NMR to make sure it has yet to be tampered with and to prove where it comes from.

There are no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives in the honey from UTMT. It is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and helps you keep your weight down and digest food.

Why Do You Want This?

  • It comes from a single source and is collected directly from beekeepers across the country to make sure that the flavours are unique.
  • They have different tastes and colours that can change from year to year.
  • Has flavours like Coriander, Curry Patta, Jhandi, and more that are only found here.


Vanalaya is the place to go if you truly believe in natural and organic products. It has a wide range of clean, healthy, and unprocessed foods that are sure to please your taste buds.

All-natural ingredients and natural sugars are used to make it, and it has a lot of great extra nutrients. There are 3 kinds of honey from this brand, and all of them are tasty and good for you.

Dabur Honey

Dabur is India’s largest maker of Ayurvedic medicines and natural consumer goods. It has been around for hundreds of years and has a strong reputation.

Dabur gets its honey from the forests of the Sundarbans, and you can be sure that it doesn’t have any chemicals or preservatives in it.

The fact that it comes in glass bottles is a plus. It makes sure that no harmful things can get into plastic or metal containers.

Why Do You Want This?

  • It’s like getting honey from the honeycomb itself.
  • Dabur has put this honey through NPOP certification to show that it is pure.

Saffola Honey

Marico, which is a multinational company that makes consumer goods, owns and runs Saffola. Honey from Saffola goes through several steps to ensure it is as pure as possible.

Why Do You Want This?

  • A Nuclear Magnetic Resonance test was done on this honey from Saffola to prove that it is pure.
  • Honey boosts your immune system and gives you energy in a healthy way.

Top 10 Best Made In India Honey Brands