Top 10 Best Free Apps for Streaming Movies 2023

admin - January 9, 2023

In today’s times, most of the content is watched on the screens of your TVs, Laptops, or mobile phones at home. OTT streaming of content is on the rise in India, even more since the Covid19 pandemic broke out.

While there are apps like Disney+Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and more that provide content on a paid basis, sometimes one wants to watch a movie that is not available on either of these apps or one might want an app that is free as well as legal to watch new movies or tv shows.

This is when the following applications will come in handy. These apps provide 1000s of movies and TV shows for free. Install them on your device and watch what you like in good quality for free.

At the end of a long day, there is nothing like curling up with a great movie, but that can be easier said than done when you are on a budget.

Renting and buying movies can quickly get very expensive, as can going to the actual movie theater, but the good news is that you do not always have to pay for your Hollywood entertainment. There are several free movie apps that you can use to watch tons of hit and classic movies, as well as more specialized genres like classics, kids content, and anime. Before your next movie night, consider these best free movie apps for the entire family.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV offers a catalogue of free movies neatly sorted by horror, romance, and comedy genres. You can also browse featured and most popular movies. As for the movies, they are of high quality, and the video player works smoothly.

As a bonus, subtitles are available for all films. By logging in, you can add movies to your queue, accessible on all devices and even on the web version of Tubi TV. You also get an option for screen casting.

Tubi is available on Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, PlayStation, select smart TVs, and the web.


Popcornflix is ​​a free movie app that offers a large collection of movies. The app presents you with a wall of free movies categorized, with new releases at the top.

Popcornflix also offers exclusive content called Popcornflix Originals. Movies are of good quality and streaming works well. The Movie Player can be a little overwhelming, but it’s feature-rich and smooth. Popcornflix also lets you stream TV series for free. It’s available on Android, iOS, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, major gaming consoles, and the web.


As a part of NBCUniversal, Peacock is a leading streaming service that is best for new movies. It is forever providing exclusive content with new movies like The Bad Guys and They/Them. With access to major studios like Universal and DreamWorks Animation, there is no shortage of blockbuster films to keep you busy.

Peacock also includes its own catalog of shows like Modern Family, The Office, and Yellowstone. There is news via services like NBC News and MSNBC for the news junkie at home, as well as live sports for the sports enthusiast in the family, including access to NFL, MLB, and WWE.

You also get to enjoy Peacock Originals and Spanish-language programming from Telemundo. Current programming is included from Bravo and NBC, but if you want access to everything Peacock has to offer, you will have to upgrade to Peacock Premium for $4.99 per month.


Crackle is a free app and one of the best TV streaming services you can find. Crackle has one of the best free movie collections around, with a mix of old classics and new blockbusters.

The Movie Player runs smoothly and is easy to use. Free movies are ad-supported, so you’ll have to watch some ads. However, the ads aren’t too intrusive and seem like a fair price for Crackle’s content. Crackle also allows you to watch TV shows online for free.

Although Crackle is available in the United States, it has been discontinued in Canada, Australia, and Latin America. You can watch on Android devices, iOS, Roku, Amazon Fire, PlayStation, Xbox and more.

Crunchy roll

Crunchyroll is another top Android and iOS app and one of the best anime streaming services. Specializing in Japanese anime movies and TV series, the app offers a mix of classic shows, new releases, and a library of critically acclaimed original content.

At the time of writing, some of the shows you can watch on Crunchyroll are Dr. STONE, Tower of God, Re:ZERO, Black Clover, Food Wars, Fire Force, One Piece, Naruto, My Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

You can watch Crunchyroll for free, but a premium service is available. Paying the $8 per month fee gives you access to new shows just an hour after they air in Japan, an ad-free viewing experience, support for six simultaneous screens, and the ability to download movies for viewing. offline.

You can watch on Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is one of this list’s most feature-rich free movie apps. It has a simple user interface, despite having so many features. When you open the app, you’re greeted with Pluto’s Free TV Channels, with a dedicated tab for free movies and TV shows.

There are also live channels where you can watch free movies as they play and a number of other free TV channels with a variety of other content. The movie player is nice and clean, with subtitles available for most free movies.

You can subscribe to customize Pluto TV to your liking. The great thing about Pluto TV is that it is a free movie streaming website with no registration requirements. You can simply visit the website and start watching any movies and shows you want. The app is available on Android, iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and more.


You’re missing out on great content if you don’t know what Vudu is. This platform offers a large collection of ad-supported free movies. The catalog is one of the largest for free movie apps and new movies are added regularly. You can watch free movies in the quality you prefer.

Vudu lets you browse the catalog right away, but you need to log in to watch movies. While Vudu focuses on its rentals, you can select the “Free” tab to see the collection of free movies. Free movies are also easy to spot, as they carry the Free with Ads label.


Freevee is a free streaming service provided by Amazon with thousands of movies and shows of all genres, as well as Freevee Originals. These releases come directly from Amazon Studios and include shows like Bosch: Legacy, Sprung and Judy Justice. If you do not feel like looking for something to watch, there are live channels, too, running 24 hours a day.

They include picks for Freevee’s Stories You Love and Crime 360 to keep you entertained, no matter the time or day. New Originals are added each month, so you never run out of options. When you are ready to begin watching, just search by title, genre, or cast member.

There is no need to provide any payment information since the service is free, but you will still need an Amazon account to begin watching. It is compatible with a whole host of devices, including Amazon fire tv, Apple TV, LG, Roku, Xbox, and PS5.


Plex is a free movie app that works on almost any media device. If you have it, you can use Plex on it. In addition to offering free movies and TV, you can also stream web shows, news, and podcasts.

The only obvious disadvantage of Plex is the mandatory account linking before you can start streaming. Plex offers a very simple search engine, so you should try out different stocks to see what you like. To encourage exploration, this free movie app also remembers where you left off on multiple titles, making it easy to continue watching. The Plex app is available on all platforms.

The Roku channel

Roku is best known as one of the leading manufacturers of streaming devices, but did you know that it also has its own movie channel full of free content called The Roku Channel? And even better, did you know you don’t even have to own a Roku device to tune in?

In August 2021, Roku announced it was expanding the app to include traditional TV channels as well. They include AccuWeather Now, CBC News, El Rey, IGN and Real Madrid TV. Sure, they’re not premium offerings, but more content is never bad.

Best of all, the Roku channel isn’t limited to Roku devices. You can also watch on Android, iOS, streaming boxes and smart TVs.


There are several factors we consider when choosing the best free movie apps. This is why they matter.

  • Titles: We look to see what content is available on each platform, looking for a variety of genres and titles to appeal to a wide audience.
  • Ads: Many free apps opt for advertisements as a way to make money, which means that you are plagued by pesky commercials. We consider whether an app is ad-supported and if there is another plan available for upgrade.
  • User ratings: Viewers know a platform best, so we review thousands of real customer reviews to find the best free movie apps.
  • Concurrent streams: If you come from a big household, concurrent streams can be a lifesaver by allowing multiple people to stream content at once.

The best free movie apps all offer excellent advantages when it comes to streaming movies and TV shows. The exact movies and TV shows on a free movie app may vary over time and from service to service, with many free apps recycling out old content on a regular basis. Before you sign up, the best free movie apps will give you an example of the titles currently available so you know what you expect.