Best Universities In Canada For Business Studies

admin - August 1, 2022

When it comes to studying abroad, Canadian colleges provide a variety of alternatives for overseas students. Whether you choose to study the arts, sciences, or business, Canada has a wide range of programmes to suit your needs.Are you interested in learning more about business? Based on competitive and distinctive programmes, we compiled a list of the top ten Canadian universities.

The University of Toronto is a public research university in Toronto

U of T boasts one of the best-known MBA schools in Canada, and it is located in downtown Toronto, a cosmopolitan metropolis. Students can pursue undergraduate and graduate programmes, as well as dual degrees, at the Rotman School of Management, gaining expertise in a variety of disciplines.

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is a public research university

The Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia is regarded as a leader among academic business schools. Over 4,000 local and foreign students are enrolled in its programmes. UBC Sauder offers a worldwide business perspective through relevant instruction in Vancouver, Canada’s gateway to the Pacific Rim. A great number of overseas study possibilities are also available at the institution.

 Western University is a public university in Canada

The Case-Method of Learning at Western’s Ivey School of Business in London, Ontario, prepares students for success. This strategy allows students to learn from a wide range of real-world business settings. It also builds a strong alumni network and provides good job chances. Ivey invites students to engage in 40 various exchange programmes spanning Europe, Asia, and South America.

The University of Alberta is a public university in Alberta, Canada

The Alberta School of Business, which was founded in 1916, is a premier business teaching and research school. Six specialities and seven combined degrees are available to students. Through the MBA Capstone Course, the institution also pushes students to gain real-world experience.

 McGill University is a university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University is located in Montreal’s dynamic downtown region, which is also known as Canada’s cultural centre. The institution provides a diverse range of courses as well as a unique bilingual MBA programme.

York University is a public university in New York City

York University’s Schulich School of Business, located just outside of downtown Toronto, specialises in international business. Schulich is well-known for having exchange partners from all around the world. It’s one of the few MBA schools that lets students alternate between full-time and part-time courses to fit their schedules.

McMaster University is a university in McMaster, Ontario

Co-op work periods and internships are used to boost student learning at McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business in Hamilton, Ontario. Professional accreditation is emphasised in this curriculum, and students are encouraged to seek for several certifications as part of their studies.

Queen’s University is located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

International students from nearly 100 countries attend Queen’s Smith School of Business, which is located in Kingston, Ontario. The institution offers BCom and MBA degrees, as well as small class sizes that promote teamwork and hands-on learning.

Waterloo University is a public university in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Despite the lack of a business school or department, the University of Waterloo provides business-related programmes to students interested in pursuing degrees with a business concentration. It also has a well-known co-op programme, which allows students to obtain significant job experience in a variety of enterprises, including start-ups and Fortune 500 firms.

Montreal University is a public university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The HEC at the Universite de Montreal is a French-language institution that offers worldwide recognised management education and research. It is located just outside of the city centre. HEC encourages students to engage in exchange programmes by partnering with 133 universities in 40 countries.